We Need Your Help:
To build awareness of our software we are currently waiving all user fees. We would appreciate that any feedback or suggestions. If everything worked perfectly, we would like to hear about that also. Thank you for the help.

What is SeeDickBid.com?
SeeDickBid.com is a revolutionary new service designed to allow buyers to receive quotations from a global vendor base. The “reverse auction” format allows multiple sellers to bid an item down to the lowest price for a buyer. We provide a world forum for sellers to be aware of their competitive position and allow them to adjust their bid accordingly. We use a “reverse-proxy bidding system” to eliminate “last second sniper” bidding from the equation. Waiting until the last second of an auction is meaningless if a competitors proxy bid undercuts any last second sniper bid.

What can SeeDickBid.com do for me?
SeeDickBid offers a forum for buyers to allow multiple sellers to bid down an item. An example of an Invited Auction might be if you were in the market for a new car and have a number of dealers to choose from. You list the car with exact options on SeeDickBid and notify your prospective dealers of the auction. Allow them to try to underbid each other for your business. Business clients can use the same service to allow multiple vendors to underbid each other for the best price. The Private Auction option even allows you to keep their bid solicitations confidential. The use of Invited and Private auctions means that only vendors that meet your approval are permitted to bid.You may even find potential new vendors for your business.You can set a maximum Target Price to let the sellers know where their price has to be.

Am I responsible for my own insurance?

SeeDickBid is not responsible for the liability herein.  You will be responsible for your own insurance.  You can acquire an insurance policy from one of the insurance providers on this website.